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Hello, and welcome back to the first week of work in 2018! All at risual hope you had a magical Christmas and a wonderful New Year, but most importantly have decided what your New Year resolution is and are feeling motived for 2018.

We have been busy this week getting organised and back into the full swing of things, and we have lots of new exciting upcoming events and campaigns to share with you. From customer stories, events and workshops, academy launches, award ceremonies and risual summits – we really have got a fab year ahead and can’t wait for you to get involved!

Have you heard about the risual IT Landscape Report 2018? In December 2017, we published The IT Landscape report which is a reflection on 2017 and gives readers a view as to where risual see upcoming trends and how organisations are preparing for future transformation. As a growing organisation, risual are continually investing in our own skills to meet the challenges and the IT Landscape Report is an indicator of where we see technology moving and what capabilities organisations will need in the future.

To kick the year off with a positive we are over the moon to announce that we will be launching our tenth risual Microsoft Academy in the UK on 16th January at Lincoln College. This event will focus on employers who are interested in building and growing their business with the support of education and Microsoft digital skills. We have much more exciting events to follow this including, a GDPR event, Data and Analytics webcast and a Modern Workplace webcast. We will be releasing more information regarding the events shortly, so please keep your eyes on our social channels and website!

Throughout all of 2018 we will really be pushing Digital Transformation and how you can unlock the potential of your business. Digital Transformation will allow your organisation to reimagine your organisational processes, culture and strategy as if today’s technology existed before the organisation – we want to support you on the journey to reinventing your organisation and become much more proactive. We have lots of great facts and figures currently on our website, or you can follow us on twitter to see all the latest Digital Transformation updates, case studies and webcasts which will be introduced throughout the year.

Not only are we going to be taking a deeper dive into Digital Transformation, we will also be offering you the chance to attend our Summit in June which will cover topics such as; the modern workplace, apps and infrastructure, data, education and more.

That’s just a quick update from us – stay tuned for more over the month!

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