It has been an exciting and busy couple of days but unfortunately, Future Decoded has now come to an end…until next year that is. It’s safe to say that everyone has been enjoying getting involved with the inspiring keynotes and networking with others over the course of the expo.

risual just want to say thank you to those who took the time to attend our stand and have a chat with our specialists. It has been wonderful to connect and meet with both familiar and new faces.

Today we have heard conversations heavily around Microsoft Azure, along with there being an extremely exciting morning keynote focussed on Mixed Reality, Modern Workplace, Azure insights for the present and future and storing Digital Data in Synthetic DNA models. The session was presented by Lorraine Bardeen (Microsoft), Mark Russonvich (Microsoft) and Kari Strauss (Microsoft Research) who explained how the Modern Workplace is Digitally Transforming into a much more productive and efficient environment. Lorraine Bardeen said “80% of the workforce across the world are first line workers (Two billion worldwide). First line workers very rarely have desks, we want to help them innovate and problem solve creatively so they can strive forward and achieve more.” Lorraine Bardeen went onto discussing how the Microsoft HoloLens is now available to 30+ countries across the planet and they will immediately, not only help the front-line workers but also the information and innovative workers by creating a whole new world and vision in the workplace.

At midday, we also had our risual Director and Co-Founder, Alun Rogers and risual Education Director, Tina Jones present again on how you can empower your organisation with Microsoft skills, learning and education. risual have spent the past five years developing a unique and bespoke Education and Apprenticeship offering to help organisations carve and grow their own business digitally. risual Education wanted to build a strategic offering that can really support other businesses with their transformation process. Our risual Education solution has now partnered with ten academies and has rapidly increased their productivity and helped develop and grow their very own qualified and skilled workforce from apprenticeships with Microsoft Training. There are 512k ICT professionals in the digital world and tomorrow there will be 90% of IT jobs which require digital skills. The risual education solution focusses highly on developing digital skills across the UK to bridge the digital skills gap and create an industry qualified workforce. Learn more about risual Education and the offerings here.

Day two at Future Decoded we again also held our Digital Transformation sessions to match the current buzz word throughout 2017. This time the sessions were hosted by risual Enterprise Architect, Mark Wilson and Account Manager, James Connolly who talked us through how you can digitally transform your business with the Microsoft Cloud to get aligned with the fourth world industry revolution. Take a look at our risual nimos solution and risual akin solution to find out how we can support your public sector services and commercial sector services.

To close off an exciting and extremely busy couple of days was the Empowering Keynote hosted by, Cindy Rose (Microsoft), Amanda Broderick (Newcastle University London), Gary Neville (University Academy 92), Karen Jochelson (Officer for Disability Issues), Haiyan Zhang (Microsoft), Anne Taylor (Microsoft) and Tom Nabarro (Intel). The session enlightened the audience on the digital skills gap and how we can really encourage the youth of today to get involved with building new skills and creating their own career path. The Microsoft Digital Skills Programme has a goal that by 2020 they aim to skill up the UK population whether digital novice or native. Toward the end of the session Haiyan Zhang presented a really moving talk on how technology is giving people their voice back. Haiyan Zhang said, “The disability is not the actual disability, it is the loss of the function that is the disability”. Anne Taylor (Microsoft) said “1/6th of the world population have a disability.” Microsoft + Accessibility want to change the way the disabled population can get employed by creating a world where people with disabilities have access to the correct tools and technologies to allow them to reach their full potential and more from the interview stage through to their career.

That’s all from us for now. Our stand is now closed, all the risual water and risuale is now gone. Thank you to everyone who visited the #risualfam over the two days, it has been amazing to share stories and connect with you all.

Over and out.