It’s been an entire year since the busy popular technology event, Future Decoded. It is back for 2017, bigger and better than ever – and we are super excited to be a part of such an engaging event. Today, we have seen very excited and happy faces walking around the event grabbing their freebies, engaging with the Microsoft specialists and of course absorbing all the new knowledge they possibly can. It’s amazing to see thousands of people under one roof from various companies all sharing their love for one thing only – Microsoft.

If you visited our risual stand yesterday, you may have managed to grab yourself the infamous risual water, risual plane and of course, the risuale. But don’t worry, if you are attending day two, we still have many left so please do come along, have a chat and get hydrated for a busy day two.

We have heard lovely comments from those who visited the stand including “The risual stand is so unique, it caught my attention straight away.”, “What a colourful display, it looks fab!”, and it has also been sharing great stories with all the attendees who stopped by at the risual display for a risuale.

After a busy hard working day for the exhibitors and attendees, day one has now come to a close with everyone powered up with the exciting new updates around Quantum Computing, Machine Learning and The Cloud. Yesterday morning we had seen a truly inspiring and engaging keynote presented by Julia White (Microsoft), Jean Philippe-Courtois (Microsoft), Clare Barclay (Microsoft), Panos Panay (Microsoft), and Haiyan Zhayn (Microsoft). The key topic throughout the session was of course, the hottest topic throughout 2017 – Digital Transformation. A room filled with thousands of knowledge thirsty business leaders, techies, and exhibitors who showed a complete open minded attitude towards the session, it was truly amazing to see and feel the energy throughout the room with the buzz of the keywords Digital Transformation and Modern Digitalised Workplace.

Further to this, our risual Sales Director, John Pittaway and risual Enterprise Architect, Mark Wilson presented two sessions on Digital Transformation for both the Public Sector and Commercial Sector. With the key message carrying on from the opening keynote being that any organisation must learn to digitally transform their business in order to stay first and keep striving towards new and innovative projects and processes. John and Mark went onto to discuss how the Public Sector can really digitally transform their business with the risual solution, nimos. nimos is a critical set of applications for the public services to create safe and stronger communities – including nimos safeguarding, nimos social care manager and nimos guardian manager. We have recently gone into pilot with nimos safeguarding with Rotherham who have already seen clear results. John and Mark then explained how the risual akin solution can digitally transform retail services to create and build a better customer services and relationship platform.

If you didn’t manage to attend the Microsoft Skills and Apprenticeships session hosted by our risual Director and Co-Founder, Alun Rogers and our risual Education Director, Tina Jones don’t worry, there will be another session in the Purple Theatre today at 12:00pm to discuss how the risual apprenticeship scheme was carved into the bespoke solution which now gets offered to many other companies across the UK to bride the digital skills gap. Tina focusses on how and why a risual apprenticeship can transform your business into a much stronger and creative company. Don’t miss this session if you are at Future Decoded today!

We look forward to seeing what today brings and can’t wait to see you all very shortly.