Welcome to the world of Power Bi

We can sit here and tell you why Power Bi is so beneficial to you and your business and why you need to integrate it into your company’s processes. We’re not going to do that, we want to tell you why and how we chose to integrate Power Bi into risual’s day to day life.

risual originally ran all the reports from an in-house system called CRM (Customer Relationship Management). CRM was great for what we needed at the time – any data that we needed to get our hands on was there and available with a few clicks. But if you didn’t know what you were looking for and if you didn’t understand what you were working with, it was very difficult to gain useful insights and results.

It all started with our risual directors, who were looking for a solution which generated clear and insightful data analytics for their processes. They wanted to have management of the data and what they were working with.

Since the deployment of Power Bi, risual have seen many benefits and have much more control with the data they are working with. The board started using Power Bi more frequently during team meetings – doing this led them to make accurate decisions and act upon the results they were working with to ensure that there was clear improvements.

After this, risual made the decision that Power Bi should be utilised across all divisions in the company. We did exactly that. We ensured all individual teams had access to creating customised analytics depending on what they were searching for. We made sure that it was easy to do this and all the important information was accessible.

Power Bi has given all departments to opportunity to customise their data and statistics to suit their specific need – this has also encouraged the teams to act faster and make better decisions.
Further to this, all our departments at risual are extremely different and unique, they are not looking for the same statistics and they are not working with similar data. We needed a solution that would suit everyone’s requirements. Power Bi did exactly that, we are able to integrate the system with lots of various applications to encourage control and management across the teams.
Since we have seen the extremely positive results and outcomes we are now working with multiple customers to get their systems integrated with Power Bi, allowing them to harness the data.

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