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Last year, more than 400,000 children experiencing some sort of child abuse in England were supported because someone noticed they needed help, but a third of people who suspected abuse, did nothing – either because they don’t think it’s their responsibility or they think that they must be sure that abuse is taking place.

“some people don’t report suspected abuse because they think it might just be a one off. But even if that is the case, ever child deserves to be protected.”
– Dwayne Johnson, Sefton Council’s Director of Social Care and Health.

nimos is a bespoke range of solutions which offer direct and measurable benefits to some of the most valued Public Services today. Enabling a wide variety of nominated users across organisations to raise concerns regarding a child or young person’s safety and wellbeing.

The nimos safeguarding solution enables a wide variety of nominated users across organisations to raise concerns regarding children or vulnerable adult safety and wellbeing.

nimos safeguarding ensures that “trusted partners”, such as hoteliers, taxi drivers, door staff, fire service and transport workers in the local community who have been trained to spot warning signs of abuse or exploitation, can provide crucial soft intelligence which can then be triaged by the appropriate professionals to enable the delivery of interventions.

Through nimos safeguarding the end use is able to raise concerns securely into the system via the mobile or desktop application – photographs and locations of the report are quickly, discretely and securely transmitted. Once the concern is submitted, professionals are instantly notified to ensure action is made accordingly. The central hub of information allows the end user to hold all gathered soft intelligence in one place meaning that reports can easily be made, quickly linked and mapped. Using the tailored analytical tool, analysis dashboards and reporting are available to enable users. The user can quickly spot trends, identify growing risks and deep dive into the data. The data provides insights into reporting activity which is critical to operational and strategic decision making. All the data held within the central hub can be viewed on a local or national level.

nimos safeguarding prevents and reduces harm to children and vulnerable adults across the UK – creating safer communities through partner engagement. The nimos safeguarding has many valuable benefits for the local area and community including:

• Enables disruption of perpetrator activity
• Provides enhanced insights and strategic analysis
• Saves cost through earlier intervention
• Efficiencies and cost-savings offered by the Microsoft cloud
• Secure communications
• A better customer and business experience compared (i.e.101 and email templates)
• Predictive analytics, machine learning, probabilistic analytics
• Strengthening the bond between the public and statutory services


Learn more about the nimos suite and further applications that are offered here.

All sensitive data is held securely in the government approved Microsoft Cloud.

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