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We are all about learning and expanding our employee’s knowledge on the IT Industry and Microsoft Technologies. We love everyone to have the opportunity to grow where they feel is best. Education is key in improvement, and we focus highly on ensuring all our risual employees are happy with their personal growth and development.

It has been getting competitive at risual headquarters with everyone trying to become a certified MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master. All employees have been undertaking their Microsoft Specialist exams including; Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Word Expert and Excel Expert – once these have been passed it will certify you to be a Microsoft Office Specialist Master!

We value our employees time so we ensure that all their training and revision can be completed online rather than having to travel to a Microsoft Classroom – the exams are also taken at the risual offices which is extremely convenient.

Training our staff hands on in Microsoft Industry Qualifications enhances their productivity and work as they apply their newly learnt knowledge straight into the job. We quickly upskill our staff to confidently work with new technologies and the solutions.

Throughout the competitive season we have seen a total of 91 MOS exams passed by our risual employees!! 62% of this total is from our consulting division. So far, two employees have achieved their MOS Masters certification – excitingly, one of those was awarded to a former Business Administration apprentice!

It’s been a really exciting time getting everyone involved with undertaking these exams whether they are technical focused individuals or business and we can’t wait to carry on the healthy competition across the business. We have currently seen two people pass all six exams and achieve their MOS Masters status! One being a former Business Administration Apprentice and the other being one of our Enterprise Architects. We can’t wait to see the rest of the risual fam get involved and see more and more people becoming certified MOS Masters.

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