risual have always been and always will be passionate about sharing our love for IT. We love to shout out about all things IT and encourage people to be enthusiastic about the innovative industry. Not only this, we are highly motivated to get young people involved in the industry also, whether it be the technical or business side.  

A STEM Ambassador is someone who gets involved with the local community leading or participating in a variety of activities which will have an impact on young people’s learning and enjoyment of STEM subjects.

We have had 15 employees volunteer their time, enthusiasm and experiences to inspire young people to achieve more and progress further in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

“Becoming a STEM Ambassador has given me the opportunity to share my experience with young people, encouraging and motivating them to think about their career progression early on. Starting to connect young people with different industries, inspire their ambition and consider their educational direction in the long term.”

Callum Drury

Finance Assitant at risual Ltd

Our risual STEM Ambassadors will be getting involved with a variety of events and activities including careers events, workshops and much more. We want to be able to provide the right support to encourage those to study further into one of these subjects.

All our volunteers will be taking part in learning and development opportunities to improve and shape their own skills to provide the best support to the young people of our local area. We are all really excited to be taking part in such a huge talented initiative. Becoming a STEM Ambassador is a very selfless rewarding opportunity to give back to education, young people and the wider local community.


“Having spent much of my career working within STEM industries, I’ve seen first-hand how important it is to encourage young people to consider STEM careers and the opportunities they can provide – becoming a STEM Ambassador has allowed me to directly influence our next generation.”

Corrine Ward

HR Advisor at risual Ltd

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