It’s that time of year again, all year 11 students across the UK are nervously yet excitingly waiting for their GCSE results and considering what path they should take to start the next chapter in their life.

Leaving school can be daunting for most 16-year olds. There are so many options to consider once you have received your GCSE’s – Sixth Form, College, Traineeships, Apprenticeships, employment…it can be difficult to figure out which one is for you.

If you are unsure about where to go next, what course to study, or where you see yourself in ten years, maybe a risual apprenticeship might be the route for you. Let us take some time to explain why you should consider a risual Education Apprenticeship.

Our risual apprenticeship scheme has been in place at risual Ltd since 2015 and has allowed the organisation to grow significantly as well as creating our own skilled workforce.

“Apprentices with risual have genuine opportunities and career prospects and we have many examples of how an Apprentice has progressed through our organisation. We are really proud of the risual Academy and to be providing a wide range of opportunities to a new set of learners”

Richard Proud

Director and co-founder of risual Ltd

We are passionate about supporting our apprentices to grow into professional and enthusiastic people who are keen to constantly learn and grow. Since 2010 we have seen 76 apprentices graduate into full time employees and work their way up the ladder within the company.

“risual took me on as a 16 year old apprentice and have allowed me to progress to leading my own team and being one of the most Microsoft certified employees in the UK. It’s great to see apprentices rise through the ranks and support those around them. I’m really proud of what I have achieved here.”

Daniel Davies

Service Desk and Incident Management Team Lead at risual Ltd

If you are motivated by a real life busy working environment, learning and earning at the same time, then an apprenticeship might be the correct route for you. We at risual, motivate and support you on your journey and encourage you to grow as an individual.

The risual Education apprenticeship scheme allows you to get hands on with real customer cases, and engage with industry professionals whilst working alongside Microsoft. Not only this, throughout your apprenticeship, you will be working towards multiple industry recognised Microsoft certifications which will be supported by our risual Education team who will deliver substantial training and develop you as an individual to work towards being a motivated, skilled and a qualified employee.

We have so many roles for you to look into, including things such as; Digital Marketer, Infrastructure Technician, Cyber Intrusion analyst, Network Engineer, Software Tester, Business Administrator, IT Technical Salesperson and much more.

If you are interested in beginning an exciting new opportunity then risual is a place to start looking. A risual apprenticeship will allow you to plant your seed to begin the first step in your next career path.

Not only do we have opportunities available working directly for risual we have rolled out our apprenticeship scheme delivered by our own risual staff and your local college at Microsoft Partners and employers across the UK.  This amazing scheme gives you access to an industry specific apprenticeship benefiting from both academic and IT experts.  Check out our twitter to see our vacancies!

Remember, apprenticeships are available across multiple sectors, for people with all grades, academic abilities and additional learning needs.  Our partnerships with Further Education Colleges means you have access to the best additional learning support.

“risual are so dedicated to promoting apprenticeships as a fantastic career route for young people, apprenticeships give you the opportunity to start employment whilst continuing your learning, furthering both your career and knowledge.  Despite being very academic I didn’t take a traditional university route, I instead started working after my A Levels and came back to do my degree while working in later life and it enabled me to progress in my career at a young age, despite it not being the ‘recommended’ path at the time!  An apprenticeship route enables the same opportunities and I am so passionate about helping young people see the options available to them, I appreciate how daunting it is making the decision.  Please do speak to me or any member of the team if you would like some advice or guidance about finding out if an apprenticeship route is right for you.”

Tina Jones

Director of risual Education at risual Ltd

Find out more about our risual Education scheme or get in touch via to tell us about yourself and what you are interested in.