New Call Analytics functionality is currently in preview for Skype for Business Online and should hopefully be available for all tenants to try, subject to admin permissions via

Call Analytics is similar to the SQL reports available for Skype for Business Server, searching for a user is quick and once found shows the number of good/poor calls over the last 7 days along with the call history, at time of writing you can only filter based on calls or meetings but hopefully advanced filtering/search will be developed.

User Overview

Since it is still in preview not all features have been implemented and those that have are subject to change, however we can now see

Endpoint information:

Device Information

Limited system information:

System Information

Connectivity type

Connectivity Information

Inbound/Outbound network metrics

Network information

In the same way as the SQL monitoring reports help highlight poor calls, so does Call Analytics, along with a reason for it.

Example of a poor call

The same restrictions apply in that you can only see information from users within the organisation but we can now see more information and l hope integration into the main Admin centre will happen eventually.

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