Zombies have long been one of the internets favourite topics since before the days of broadband. Zombies have also hit the mainstream and most movies, books and other media have now had the undead treatment, including Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, the Marvel Zombie universe and Shaun of the Dead!

With an undead uprising so hot on the world’s mind, it is surprising that Microsoft have discussed very little on how their technologies can help the world get back on track once the inevitable fall of society happens.

Although cloud services will serve its purpose, one undeniable handy tool to have just in case is Dynamics 365. Once the world defeats the undead menace and the last shreds of humanity are able to return to work, customers will be keen to know where their cases, parcels and purchase orders are. With the many workers who have perished in the apocalypse, those businesses who failed to invest in Dynamics 365 before the end of the world will have a terrible time returning to their previous levels of service and ensuring all cases can be picked up from where they left off.

One thing that Dynamics 365 and specifically CRM excels at, is keeping consistency and continuity in service and standards by ensuring that all interactions, communications and escalations with customers are recorded, reported and fit the performance levels of that department.

This means that even with potentially new staff being required to join the business and take the positions of those who unfortunately succumbed to the undead hordes, they will quickly be able to understand where a case is up to, what needs to be done and how to do it. The consistency delivered by Dynamics 365 is bespoke to your business and can be tailored to follow your existing business processes and automate any routine admin tasks required.

In addition to the personnel consistency, even if your head offices were destroyed during the apocalypse, the Microsoft datacenters are fiercely guarded (and undoubtedly zombie-proof), so your vital company data will be safely stored in the cloud, just waiting for you to return to it once society has caught up again.

And there you have it. Proof that by trusting Microsoft you can rest assured that your vital business processes, case management and customer data will survive the end of the world, even if your head offices and CEO sadly succumb to the zombies.

*Please note no zombies were harmed in the writing of this blog, risual is a zombie friendly employer and was awarded Zombie Employer of the Year in 2015*


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