At risual, we have a team whose sole dedication and work sees them tackle unified communications daily, including Skype for Business and Exchange Online. The technology has dictated the career paths of our team, in where we’re constantly trying to define and simplify unified communications. The idea of technology for risual, is about using it to continue improving the capabilities of working, productivity and perfection by making things easier to use.

Specialising in Skype for Business and Exchange both on-premises and online is where the team find the most challenges and rewarding outcomes. Our team is proficient in deploying Cloud PBX – the Microsoft Online version of enterprise voice.

Email is a staple part of any business now; it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. You would be hard pressed to find an organisation without email, it is assumed now that everywhere has access to email. Therefore, it’s so essential for businesses to have a streamlined output and inbox – such as Exchange Online.

Skype for Business on the other hand opens all communication methods, including telephony, mail and instant messaging, all from one source. The benefits are staggering, with increased productivity and communications being at the forefront as well as cost savings. Skype for Business is a much more manageable platform which works collaboratively with other Microsoft deployments.

It’s become such a valuable part to organisations now. But why? The best thing about it is that you can manage, communication and coordinate with members of the team wherever you are. Providing you have access to wi-fi or an internet connection, you could be sat on a park bench away from the office and still have the same capabilities as being in the office.

So why isn’t everyone working on Skype for Business if it’s so good? Good question. In truth, the biggest reason behind why some still aren’t maximising the technology is over their own doubts and cautions of parting ways with traditional ways of working or relinquishing the control to a third party. This raises a red light for people who think it’s new and fancy when in truth it isn’t. Your mobile phone provider controls your communications through your phone and you don’t doubt that – so why doubt Skype?

We use the technology every single day and that’s why we deliver it. We’re able to see the benefits, therefore it makes us hungrier to show others the positive effects it can have. risual’s role is to deploy the technology using our repeatable and successful delivering method, which involves evaluating the design and build and then continuing to follow it up. We follow the Skype operations framework, which falls in line with our own – and this helps to ensure this repeatable and successful deployment.