Industrial Strategy a positive step for the UK Tech sector

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The unveiling of the UK’s Industrial Strategy last week by Theresa May PM and her cabinet colleague, Greg Clarke the Business and Energy Secretary was a welcome and positive step for the UK economy and the UK technology sector.

For the tech sector, it was a poignant moment, the last time a UK government had an industrial strategy of serious note, technology wasn’t even on the radar – governments of previous ilk over the last 20-30 years instead chose to focus primarily on infrastructure, manufacturing and assembly lines. Of course, those necessities of previous eras remain today, but the latest administrations outlook recognising the idea that innovation and technology are crucial to the economy’s future and the nation’s future prosperity is an important step.

There is no doubt, the 10-point plan unveiled is a step in the right direction as we head towards Brexit and our general outlook towards globalisation appears to be evolving. The noises made this week are what businesses like risual and countless others, tech and non-tech firms have been crying out for years:

·      Investment in STEM subjects

·      Focus on digital skills

·      Support for business and entrepreneurs

·      Improving procurement and creating a UK supply chain

·      Encouraging trade and inward investment

Of course, whilst the industrial strategy is welcome, Government alone will not solve all our problems, it can only be an enabler. The strategy will be a foundation, the ingredients to a cake. The cooks of the cake who will deliver what we all hope will become a very successful strategy will be us all; school teachers and lecturers helping to enthuse students about STEM subjects, home grown businesses like risual year on year grafting and creating high value jobs and quality brands working in partnership with the LEP’s and our local leaders to get this strategy converted from concept to reality.

The strategy can be a success but provided we all get involved. That is why risual will be proactively working with our colleagues within and outside of industry to proactively participate in the open consultation which runs until the 17th April 2017.

Leaving the EU and Article 50 being invoked moved a step closer tonight when Westminster voted overwhelmingly 498 votes to 114. Regardless of one’s political opinion and beliefs, this is an opportunity we must seize to improve productivity and tackle years of neglect in regions across our country where the gap between the rich and poor continues to increase rather than decrease.

By embedding technology in the heart of this strategy the government knows this time, thanks in large part to technology it can make a difference and can tackle the gap between rich and poor, north and south. The tech sector will play a significant role in in the coming months and years ahead, far more than any of us realise, therefore it’s good to see the tech sector getting the recognition it deserves.

If there is a Commercial business or Public Sector entity out their interested to know more about what risual is doing to tackle the skills gap, improve productivity and how we as a business are engaging on this important issue, then I would encourage them to get in touch and strike up a conversation with us.

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