The Middle Man in Office 365

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So a customer has purchased Office 365… what do they do next? Roll-out Exchange and Skype for Business of course!

What about the rest of the amazing features on offer?

Risual spotted the gap and acted! We now offer a service to Office 365 customers to help develop their understanding of the features within Office 365 and also work with them to integrate them into their business, this way we can help customers see a higher return on investment.

Our passion is to drive adoption and consumption of Office 365 with customers and ensure they are enjoying their Office 365 experience.

There are so many cost savings that can be made when moving to Office 365 including storage costs, telephony provisions and creating digital meetings.


Every technology within Office 365 helps us collaborate and communicate efficiently if used in the correct way and that’s where the middle man comes in, this being the business analysis team within risual.



Wouldn’t it be amazing if one day we could work from one window… we can!

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