The first Mothership Week of 2017 went off with a bang as a group of risual employees took part in team building activities that included Zumba dancing and a charity day.

A small batch of risual’s finest from across the breath of the business came together for a full week of sessions, something that has become an annual occurrence for employees.

The charity day on Tuesday was spent lending a helping hand at Stoke-On-Trent’s Food Bank. risual employees made a very big impact on the day and all the staff at the Food Bank were extremely grateful with the help provided.

Stephen Masterson, Consultant at risual, said: “Working at the Food Bank was both rewarding and relaxing, dating food items and sorting them by type while listening to 1980s hits on the radio was surprisingly fun!

We got a lot of food processed, but we barely put a dent in the backlog the food bank has, which gives you some idea of the magnitude of the volunteer work that needs to be done to keep the food flowing out to those who need it.”


risual are no strangers to days of labour, in fact, last year they spent what equates to 200 days of service working with charities, which included Acorns Children Hospice and Sherrat’s Wood Scout Camp.

There were aching muscles and limbs during the Zumba and Pilates sessions, with a nice warming down during a relaxation session courtesy of Claudia Brown – who has also provided her masterclass to West Bromwich Albion football team.

Mollie Sutton, Marketing Assistant at risual, said: “This week we have all taken part in multiple activities including a team building hour, Handyman session, Zumba, Money Masterclass, Wellbeing day, and Microsoft Compliance training.

My favourite parts of the week were Zumba and the relaxation class. Zumba was a great laugh; however, I am still aching slightly!”

During the action-filled week, risual employees are given Health Advice which include basic checks such as blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate. Everything discussed during the checks are completely confidential.

Kate Lincoln, Operations Director at risual, said: “An important element of risual is to grow the businesses in an organic way and a big part of our ethos is to make a positive difference to the world we live in. Charities are always taken by surprise on the drive, passion, hard work and enthusiasm shown when completing the task in hand.”

Every risual employee will take part in Mothership Week annually as it aims to bring together different departments of the business who may not usually interact or cross paths. It has always gone down well amongst staff, who enjoy getting stuck in to the charity work as much as hearing an overview from a part of the business they may be unfamiliar with.