2016 Year in Review: Solutions

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alun-rogersAlun Rogers – Director at risual


As part of our long-term strategy to increase the services risual can offer, in 2016 we invested heavily in risual Solutions. Each solution stands as a separate business to complement risual’s core offerings of consultancy and managed services, but can leverage additional value for organisations and is delivered as a bespoke product or service.

All our solutions have been built from the ground up, delivered by our in house App Dev and Consultancy team and they serve as testament what our organisation can achieve when the breadth of our skillset is applied to solve business problems. Each solution area is headed up by an industry expert and we are incredibly proud of what these teams have achieved over the past twelve months and the foundations they have laid down for a year of success and innovation in 2017.



nimos is a bespoke range of solutions which offer direct and measurable benefits to some of the most valued Public Services today. Enabling a wide variety of nominated users across organisations to raise concerns regarding a child or young person’s safety and wellbeing. nimos Safeguarding ensures that “trusted partners” can provide crucial soft intelligence, which can then be triaged by the appropriate professionals to enable the delivery of protection services.

Under the direction of Paul Donnelly – who has experience as a frontline health and social care worker working for local authorities and central government-  we have now secured several pilot sites for these applications, and look forward to seeing the impact they can deliver.

Read more about nimos here

risual akin

This year we have invested in designing the complete customer experience, with emphasis on customer loyalty and a direct insight platform. akin can give a deep understanding of individual customer preferences and an insight into store performance. From in-app messaging, customised marketing and content to operational insights, akin delivers big data analytics on a personal level. Running across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, akin delivers a whole new way of understanding and interacting with customers.

akin is headed up by Lee Bingham, a former top 100 CIO with over ten years’ experience as Head of IT in retail. By leveraging cloud technology, it utilises a public facing customer mobile application to dramatically change the way brands interact with their customers. With a high-profile luxury pilot set to go live early in 2017, I’m excited to see the heights Lee can reach with this application and how it will help shape the future of both hospitality and retail.

Read more about risual akin here


minerva365 was our first solution, designed initially by myself as a set of customisable applications for Office 365 to drive more functionality out of the initial investment in the technology.

2016 has seen these applications be redeveloped to extend their functionality and UI, moving to a cross platform application approach with a Windows back end. These applications add significant value to organisations and help IT teams to quickly solve business problems by rolling out one of these apps quickly.

We will have a number of demo environments, click through guides and trial offerings coming in 2017 which will help customers get even more from technology with minimal additional investment.

Read more about Minerva365 here



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