2016 Year in Review: Sales

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john-pittawayJohn Pittaway – Sales Director at risual



This year has been a year of intense change at risual, as the technology evolves and customer’s needs change, it is imperative that trusted suppliers adapt their services to match those changing needs. IT is an industry that thrives on innovation, if you’re content to stand still, you’re already falling behind. Growth, innovation and industry leadership has always been the ethos at risual, and due to such change across the wider IT landscape, our account management team and offerings have been restructured to ensure we deliver maximum value and real transformation for all customers.

Digital transformation has been our focus for the last four years, not just through one specific technology, but by an impartial, honest consultancy on how to get real change through a variety of Microsoft products. Our depth of experience allows to us engage with customers as a ‘trusted advisor’ from account managers to the delivery team, all at risual have specific industry and regional focus, to ensure every conversation with risual is one that delivers real business value at every level within an organisation.

Here are some of my highlights for 2016:

Public Sector Broadcast launch

You would be right in thinking that Tim Gee is shaping up to be a young Jeremy Paxman with the frequency he is seen interviewing senior members of the Public Sector in late 2016. risual have been keen to enhance their standing as a digital disruptor and we’ve been able to interview various industry-leaders within the public sector, gaining invaluable insights into the role technology has played in their respective field.

This is a great example of the wider work risual has been involved in, with our expertise making waves outside the IT sector. With a new year approaching, we plan on increasing the frequency of our Public Sector Broadcasts.



 Driving Digital Transformation in the Commercial Sector

Our Commercial Sector team have had a busy year focusing on large scale digital transformation. Many of our ‘headline’ contracts are under NDA so we can’t share the details, but risual have seen trends in the market leading towards improving end user experience. This has been projects crafted to improve an internal workforce’s desktop estate and improve customer loyalty by treating every customer like a VIP with our Akin solution.

With the myths well and truly busted when it comes to Windows 10 now, many customers including a regional water company are seeing the benefits that Windows 10 can have. They noted how the system gave them much more flexibility and proved to be a hit among staff, with the improvements it brought to the end-user experience.

Read more about Akin here

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Microsoft and risual – working together to drive value

We make no secret of how highly we value our relationship with Microsoft and 2016 has seen that relationship grow ever closer. Microsoft have had a presence at each of our Academy launches in 2016 and its great to know that our good work is recognised by Microsoft.

We have worked with Microsoft on a multitude of events across the public and commercial sector. Their involvement in helping drive our solution offerings and delivering seminars on transformation in unison, helps highlight how healthy our relationship is. It’s great to know that Microsoft and risual are aligned in our commitment to both growing talent and driving the digital revolution across the country.


Office in Scotland

Although still early days, I’m really happy to oversee our expansion into Scotland. It’s great to develop skills and create jobs in an area, and bring the decade of experience we have to a new region. Our close ties with Scottish Government and Microsoft Scotland has accelerated our presence there and meant we can hit the ground running and are already making a real impact to customers and communities north of the border.


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