I firmly believe as individuals we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society and effect things for the better both in our personal and professional capacities.

More and more leaders of businesses and organisations are looking to work with companies who not only deliver results but who also strive to achieve social and economic impact. A move I wholeheartedly applaud.

The impact risual as an organisation is having across the UK is phenomenal and something I am very proud to be a small part of. It is a culmination and result of numerous factors, some obvious and some not so obvious. Internally it comes from senior management who provide astute leadership from the front and a workforce built up from raw talent nurtured into fine individuals and teams who buy into the core family values of the business. Externally it comes from working with embracers of technology who are changing the way in which they serve citizens and consumers. It comes from working with visionaries who see the value technology delivers from a social and economic perspective who enable us to collaborate and deliver innovative Microsoft solutions.

risual are just one of the estimated 195,000 UK businesses, employing 1.6 million people who use their business models to achieve both social and economic impact, with a combined estimated turnover approaching £200 billion a year.

A snapshot of risual’s impact on the UK so far has been to create an economically active workforce spread across the nation capable of servicing the whole of the UK including Scotland and Wales; the launch of multiple digital academies in collaboration with colleges and Microsoft to upskill future generations; innovations utilising technology to save and protect lives; delivering solutions such as minerva365 that can enhance and improve the businesses who are the bedrock of our national economy.

All of the above has only been possible because of the hard work and discipline to meet the needs of our clients. We have expertise at delivering Microsoft consultancy, solutions and support across all verticals. Ranging from digital transformations at city councils to something as simple as Azure which is providing secure and cost effective data storage for our wonderful NHS. Our workforce competes with the biggest and whether it’s coming to the aid of a central government department requiring a new IT infrastructure or providing a global business with a global Skype for Business solution, we provide clients with a talent pool fit for purpose and ready to serve.

Today’s businesses no longer need the financial burden of multiple offices to quantify their impact on a local economy, todays workforces hot desk. A laptop or a surface is just as capable with its user at a desk in one’s home as it is in an office block or a nearby coffee house. Whilst I encourage our leaders and businesses to become less fixated on where a company’s headquarters are based, I do wholeheartedly back them and applaud them for wishing to work with a business that is genuinely mission led to achieve social and economic impact.

By working with risual, whether that is by coming to us via frameworks such as G-Cloud, direct awarding or by selecting us through a tendering process; individuals and collectives can be assured we as a business from north to south, east to west are making a positive impact wherever you are in the UK both socially and economically.

If you would like to understand a little more about what risual are doing in your region and whether or not we can or should be doing more, we would welcome a conversation with you.