Over the past years risual have gone above and beyond in the interest of helping out others, doing our bit wherever we can- whether it be raising money, donating or lending a helping hand . However this year alone risual have reached a benchmark in all the work we do with charities – The total days of man power donated so far this year has exceeded 100 days!!

These 100+ days have been used to renovate gardens, build a wood store, create play areas, building canal tow paths and much more.  Supporting as many local charities as we possibly can, ranging from Scout Association to Hospice, Canal Trust to Children’s Centre.  And we have no intention of stopping there! We are only half way through the year and we have so much more to give.  We have a further five Mothership weeks within 2016 plus our regular Autumn Summit, both opportunities to dedicate our support and build close relationships to our local charities.

Our collective contribution has made a real impact to such a variety of charities; we are proud of the enthusiasm, effort and positive approach every member of staff has shown for each and every challenge we have taken on!

We are always calling out to organisations who may need out support, therefore if you are a charity seeking volunteers then get in touch with us at enquiries@risual.com or give us a call at 0845 680 0077.


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