As the dust slowly settles around ‘Brexit’, the tone around what the result means to business and organisations is noticeably changing.

Rather than waiting for something that may or may not happen, the leaders and the pragmatists within organisations recognise that the seismic event cannot interrupt the need to innovate and transform.

The challenges facing Heads of Finance, Heads of HR, Chief Executives, Directors of Engineering or Retail etc. remain the same challenges that these leaders were facing prior to the 23rd June. The need to meet the needs of their consumers and employers remain.

At risual we have a proposition called Connected Business where we work with clients to help them utilise and maximise the power of technology to deliver business benefits. This collaborative process goes far beyond tactical pieces of work to meet the short-term needs of an organisation; instead with risual’s Connected Business we meet the short, medium and long term needs of organisations.

If you are interested in achieving:

  • Efficiency savings
  • A motivated and efficient workforce
  • Capacity to improve customer retention and satisfaction rate
  • Improve people’s daily lives through harnessing data
  • Greater communication and interaction
  • A digitally skilled workforce with an ability to work on the move

Then the time for you to explore Connected Business is now. It will play a major role in helping organisations achieve genuine Digital Transformation and fundamentally ensure they are strong enough to flourish regardless of how the wider economy is functioning.

Alongside Microsoft, we standby ready to assist and smash through barriers of old. After all the themes above have been the same challenges facing industry and the public sector for years. The big difference today is that thanks to technology, businesses like risual are able to provide transformational solutions which are cost efficient and job creating.

New in post Theresa May set herself a similar objective this week by stating “…for a Government that has overseen a lot of public service reforms in the last six years, it is striking that, by comparison, there has not been nearly as much deep economic reform. That needs to change for a simple reason. If we want to increase our overall prosperity, if we want more people to share in that prosperity, if we want bigger real wages for people, if we want more opportunities for young people to get on, we have to improve the productivity of our economy. “

Combined with Microsoft; risual will help our leaders across our industries and our public services to achieve genuine transformation through risual Connected Business.

For further details on what risual and Microsoft can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at