The seismic events of the EU referendum result will live long in the memory both for ordinarily folk and political nerds like me.  Ordinarily a week would have passed in politics, people would have accepted the result, moved onto the next story and carried on.  But not this time.

As the Parliament Petition to hold another referendum passed the 4 million mark, thousands marched the streets of London over the week. It is increasingly clear to me however that we must move on and start taking positive steps both as individuals and as business leaders in order to overcome what could turn into years of uncertainty.

Our relationship with the EU is more complex than ever before but let’s face it, it has always been a complicated relationship.  Our future trading prospects are uncertain, David Cameron will carry on with his job until his successor is in post and even then we don’t really know what any of our prospective PM’s intend on doing now that as a nation we decided to push the button for Brexit.

As individuals I believe no matter how we voted we have a responsibility to keep calm and carry on with what we were doing beforehand that was making us successful beforehand.

We must view this as an opportunity.  Whilst our politicians can afford to play games, resign on mass; our businesses cannot afford to do so.  Our businesses, the heartbeat of our economy face an uncertain future but by being positive as many did during the financial crash of 08 we will overcome the challenges in the short-medium-long term.

We can:

  • Forge our own trading agreements both home and abroad – improve our knowledge and understanding of the regions and the requirements of our clients.
  • Invest in our existing workforce and make ourselves more productive – maximise the power of technology to achieve a more productive workforce.
  • Invest in our future workforce – just as risual Education are doing with their commitment to apprenticeships.
  • Don’t be afraid to innovate and invest – by producing genuinely innovative products we can stand out from the crowd. akin and minerva365 is helping open new markets for risual.


Clearly the road ahead will be a bumpy one. But I do genuinely believe if we can get it right and overcome the hurdle of leaving the EU, we can convert the doom and gloom to hope and opportunity.  Enabling us to:

  • Utilise technology to push ahead with the much needed transformation of the public sector and the tired industries ready to flourish again.
  • Develop new products that are cost saving and innovative that can save lives or revolutionise.
  • Help tackle our national digital skills shortage that brings opportunity to people who are looking to achieve successful and lasting careers in a growing industry.