Local government organisations are forever under tremendous pressure to keep up with the rising demand for public services, becoming ever more challenging with the current economic climate. Councils and districts are searching for new and innovative ways to mobilise their workforce, drive collaboration and improve access to services. But is this doable whilst keeping costs to the bare minimum?

According to the annual Telewest Business ICT spend survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, public sector organisations such as local government organisations are investing more and more of their IT budget into managed services instead of internal projects. This increase in demand for managed services comes from not only the lack of internal resource for many bodies, but also the desire to lower costs and maximise efficiencies. Public sector organisations are looking to take advantage and seize the opportunity to outsource external service providers to cover the areas of IT that they may not have skills for internally.

Whilst some organisations could be looking for a system to manage themselves, others may feel they want their data to be carefully monitored by experts, who will be able to react to any situation.  By organisations having a limited technical workload, little expertise and possible budget restraints, when an issue occurs it may cause possible delays and a slow down to production within the workplace.  However by having this trust in a separate organisation to manage the systems means the organisation is able to offload certain areas of the IT infrastructure, monitoring and configuration on to the outside provider.

risual’s impeccable track record with local government organisations such as;  Essex County Council, Staffordshire County Council and Leicester City Council, demonstrates our hard work and commitment to delivering flawless customer service and solutions. By our experts being able to identify unique individual needs we are able to design and implement bespoke managed services solutions to meet the rising demands. Wherever the problem lies with the current IT infrastructure we are able to give local authorities the agility and flexibility they need in order to stay current in today’s ever-changing economic environment.


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