How technology helps business and public bodies during major sporting events

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With the Euro’s about to kick-off, much of the build-up to the tournament has been about nostalgia, in particular looking back at Euro 96.  That nostalgia of course got me thinking not only about it being my first tournament that I truly remember but also how being a sports fan has changed with technology.

The Premier League was estimated to be worth £1.3billion to the UK Government in 2014 just based on income tax/national insurance contributions.  We know London 2012 had a budget of £9billion assigned to it and it is anticipated the upcoming Euro 2016 championships will exceed the £1billion it generated last time round.

At the heart of these events is obviously the fans, the stadiums and infrastructure. But more and more technology is playing significant parts in both how we enjoy these events but also in how these events are coordinated and organised.

Back in 96 people enjoyed it through newspapers, television and radio.  Fast-forward to today, all those remain but throw into the mix sports stars interacting with fans through social media, the news channels with online live feeds and businesses advertising relentlessly online.  Fans are purchasing kits online, our food and drink is ordered through online grocery shopping, our bets are placed online and we can watch the games on the go thanks to mobile phones or tablet devices.

As we consume these events we are consuming the technology that goes with them.  Technologies like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) supported by the right infrastructure are critical for retailers etc. to provide customers with a positive experience, but importantly to help retailers etc. reap the benefits of these sporting events by attracting new customers and improved sales figures.

On the flip-side of these great occasions is the need to ensure consumer and public safety. Technology assists in providing round the clock safety against online hackers who might wish to acquire our bank details. Utilising the likes of Skype for Business to assist and co-ordinate resources for our emergency services helps to maintain order.  Tablet devices allow our police officer to perform their admin duties whilst fulfilling their policing duties.

Microsoft technologies are genuinely helping Commercial Customers and Public Sector organisations to enjoy and cope with the challenges these large scale events cause. risual as a Worldwide Public Sector: Public Safety and National Security Partner of the Year finalist for 2016 can be a trusted pair of hands who can assist with these major sporting events thanks to our experience and flexibility with Microsoft technologies.



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