Exchange 2013 installs/updates in Azure

Hi all,

I stumbled across some issues when upgrading a couple of Exchange 2013 servers that were hosted in Azure the other day.

Autopilot told me to just run the update straight away on the server expecting no issues, so I merrily scheduled my change window and started the update. Then at the PreRequisite check stage I received an abundance of errors…

Exchange 2013 is not installed on this computer

To make changes to the Schema you need to be amember of Schema Admins

To continue with the update you must be a member of the Organisation Management security group

and more errors similar to the above.


Whaaaat? Exchange is installed, i’m using it…I am a member of the correct groups…what’s going on???

So after a brief panic I ‘yammered’ at my colleagues, who were quick to point out that the with the schema master on premise, it had to be manually updated. Not through the Exchange 2013 setup (thanks to Mr Larter and Mr Morrison).

The answer was so simple and stared me in the face, however it showed me how easy it is, when over confident, to fall in to a trap and panic. Lessons learnt here are be sure to check and double check all changes being implemented and the command to update the schema on the schema master is below (remember to copy the Exchange Setup files to the DC hosting the Schema Master Role). 🙂

setup.exe /prepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Of course if the schema is managed seperatley to the Domain, then the following TechNet article will show you alternatives.



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