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Harnessing the strength and power of social media is one of the biggest dilemmas facing all works of life at the moment. History is being defined by it, moments are captured by it and the power it has put in the hand of citizens has never been more powerful.

It’s amazing to think Facebook is already twelve years old, YouTube a year younger and Twitter ten years old; with all showing no signs of slowing down and all becoming further engrained parts to our daily lives.

The role in which these services have played at different trigger points on the world stage during that time is staggering and highlights the power it can hold and the need to embrace it.  Facebook blazed a trail with the grassroots movement which led to the inclusion and fundraising of millions which helped elect Barack Obama in 2008. Whilst Twitter, YouTube and social media played a prominent role in the ‘Arab Spring’ in 2010 when the revolutionary wave of demonstrations spread across countries and toppled governments and dictators. Providing a voice to millions who felt unheard and ushering a new type of power to the people previously supressed.

Whilst the examples I’ve cited might appear a little grand, the principals of the points above should not be ignored.  These days when people want to moan about a delayed train, they are more inclined to post a negative tweet and copy in the culprit using the ‘@’ symbol rather than spending the time visiting their website.  If someone is looking to raise awareness of a campaign or fundraise, they are more likely to use YouTube just as ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ did. And if you’ve been impressed with a restaurant or an experience you are more than likely going to share the news on Facebook, a new type of endorsement over the traditional word of mouth.

The examples I’ve cited provide public and private sector organisations with important, valuable and significant snippets of information. If captured properly, this information can play a very important role in providing organisations with opportunities to turn negatives into positives, or share a positive to a wider network.

What can do this and what can help commercial or public services exploit this? The answer we believe is Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Exploiting the Social Engagement features is putt powerful social tools into the hands of sales, marketing and service teams.  Investing in risual services will help you to:

  • Understand how people really feel about your business and how you stack up against your competitors.
  • Analyse sentiment to determine your share of voice across social channels and know who your key influencers are.
  • Drive Engagement to foster conversations about your brand, services and offerings to gain insight to shape messaging and sales strategies more effectively.

The need to harness the power of Social Media has never been greater. The power in the hands of people has never been greater and the need to connect in a more intimate way on social media with customers, fans, and critics has never been greater. No matter what the size and scale of your operation, this solution will genuinely help you to gain insight into how people feel about your organisation.

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