Proud to be ISO 20000 compliant

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ISO/IEC 20000 is an international IT standard that gives risual the opportunity to demonstrate excellence and prove our ability to perform to the highest standard in IT management. To gain this accreditation status risual went under an evaluation process that involved us having to be independently assessed, to ensure we meet the highest standards of information security. A process which consisted of 4 stages, researching, implementing, certification and maintaining. The certification recognised that the policies, standards and procedures that we follow as an organisation are compliant with the guidelines of ISO 20000. In order for us to maintain our certification, annual audits take place to ensure we continue to follow the guidelines and to identify any possible areas of improvement.

The feedback we received shown that the security management process we have in place seamlessly delivers the highest standard of managed services. With remarkable comments made in audit reports, such as such as “amazed and nice to see such a good working relationship between all the team leaders and the management team” and “impressed with your processes and how you have approached it” made by auditors.

risuals aim when striving to achieve this standard is to prove to customers that we can deliver the customer service that we promise, demonstrating the strict procedures we follow and the hard work the workforce dedicates into following them. Through achieving targets and continuously improving our delivery of IT services we are able deliver efficient, consistent and reliable IT services to all our customers. Therefore being ISO 20000 compliant means risual is able to reap the benefits of being able to integrate people, processes and technology in order to support our business goals. It also allows us to identify ways to improve our procedures, by putting in place controls to measure and maintain consistent levels of service. With this ability it gives our customers the reassurance and clarity of our processes, to increase customer satisfaction and customer confidence​.

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