Enhance learning with Office365


Technology within education raises numerous challenges, whether it be for the teachers, the students or the school itself. There is a lot to take into account when determining what technology to invest in, having to consider; how expensive is the technology?  Is the user adequately trained? How resistant to change are the users? Is it reliable? Or even, is there a need for it? And if so, will it meet the needs effectively?  All these contributing factors to finding the most effective solution.

Office365 will empower education, acting as a collaboration tool for students and teachers. By recreating the familiar office experience all users will get online versions of the Microsoft software that we already know and love, such as Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint. This is beneficial within schools as students are able to work with classmates on the same documents, where changes can be made and seen immediately, avoiding the hassle of emailing the updated document back and forth.

With other exciting features Office365 brings, users are now able to use professional digital storytelling apps, such as Sway. Allowing teachers to design and create interactive web based lessons, projects and newsletters from various different devices. Enhancing learning by teaching it through more interactive methods. Also advantageous to the pupil as they are able to create aesthetically pleasing projects, reports and revision materials.

These set of applications aim to inspire and enable students to get their work done proactively and enthusiastically, encouraging them to take pride and enjoyment in the work they are producing. Not only will teachers benefit from this engagement from their pupils they too can use the tools and applications provided for them with Office36, 5 to simplify their own work load and reimagine the ways of teaching.





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