Technology playing its part in helping the nations finances

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A couple of weeks ago I blogged that the word on every politician’s lips was devolution and so it proved during the Chancellor’s ‘Budget’ for 2016.

Given the government’s commitment to its deficit-reduction plans, the chancellor will need all the help and assistance he can get from the likes of innovative thinkers within the technology sector and take advantage of the potential technology has to offer.

Whilst global markets are stalling and GDP suffers, today’s technology can offer hope to our nations bank balance.  Technology can by no means fix all of society’s problems but it can play a positive and significant role in redefining it’s future as the money becomes inevitably harder to find.

The ‘Cloud’ can make significant savings to all institutions almost instantaneously. The adoption of Skype for Business, can change the way we communicate with colleagues or help lower the travel expenses incurred to organisations for face to face meetings that can be subtly replaced with a simple Skype for Business meeting.   Replacing expensive data-centres with Azure – StorSimple allows the likes of universities to scale up when A-Level results day arrives and clearing follows, or allows them to scale down when the demand recedes; putting on-going maintenance costs down and allowing much needed funds to go back into the student’s education.  Or a Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Office 365 system fit for purpose that allows crucial data to be shared amongst health-care professionals to create a more compassionate and caring health-care system for all, eradicating paper waste and holding people to account.

The examples just given aren’t exclusive to the public sector, commercial organisations are already embracing technology like never before.  Just visiting one of the recently renovated McDonald’s will show you how they’re embracing technology to provide a new service to a custom base familiar with touch screen devices.

Underpinning this evolution is the need for trusted advisers to work with these devolved regions, with a wide breadth of expertise supported by a business whose focus is to ensure the customer receives value for money and the greatest possible return of investment.  At risual we pride ourselves on doing this and have a track-record to prove that we care and want to genuinely make a positive impact.

Gone are the days when large IT monster contracts are dished out. risual like so many SMEs offer change, a new style of delivering projects that are more likely to offer innovation and prove more cost effective.

Working hand in hand throughout the UK with our clients, risual are offering opportunities to apprentices, bringing in new ideas to the business and strengthening our already impressive arsenal of Microsoft consulting experts.

Devolution represents an opportunity to tackle some of the hard decisions that are still to come thanks to our nations finances. It allows the likes of risual to work with those facing tough decisions by assisting with the adoption of new technologies, adopting new ways of thinking in a sustainable manner that in turn will all help make a healthy contribution towards the UK’s and the Chancellor’s deficit problem.

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