How can the financial industry benefit from CRM?

Today the financial industry is ever changing, with the increase in social, mobile, technological and economical influences, meeting customers’ expectations has never been so strenuous. With statistics in the banking industry showing that 9% of customers are likely to leave their bank within 6 months and 40% unsure whether they will stay with their bank long term (Capgemini World Banking Report 2013).  It shows the conventional methods to gain customer satisfaction and fulfil demands are no longer enough in the current economy. Although this threat may pose a challenge to many businesses, it creates huge opportunity to those who are willing to address them. As a result, by adapting to these changes effectively using Microsoft CRM, the business will be capable of transforming their relationship management with their customers.

Microsoft CRM supports financial services to create purposeful and worthwhile relationships with customers. Whether the organisation offers insurance, banking or asset management, CRM will guide the business on the most effective journey to construct an effective customer centric plan to deliver exceptional customer service and retain customer loyalty. Thus’ having the ability to deliver a deeper, personal customer experience means the organisation can provide an exclusive strategy to the customer.  CRM also creates an opportunity to maximise efficiency, with the use of workflow automation, it will act as a tool in supporting staff in their job role. By assisting on procedures specific to financial services, it will increase productivity and reduce workload.

The use of CRM within Financial service organisations will create endless opportunities for the business by seamlessly integrating with their current IT infrastructure in the most simple, cost effective way.

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