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Recently I worked with one of my manufacturing customers to create a bespoke application, which was really exciting as it is not something that we have always offered but realised there was a real demand for. This gave us an opportunity to create something unique from the ground up and allowed us to work with teams outside of IT to overcome a particular issue.

The application was built with their specifications in mind, and the end result has immediately seen money saved and productivity increased. It has led me to really believe that application development will become a core part of our business, and enhance almost every offering we provide to our customers.

Our App Dev team recently launched minerva365, a suite of applications designed to solve common business problems, which can be as simple as booking meeting rooms quickly and easily through an automated system, to really advanced geo-location case management solutions – the use cases are endless.  These apps have all been developed to help our own business function more efficiently, and they can be tweaked to help many businesses across the UK improve their day-to-day working life. The beauty of Apps is that there is no job too big, or too small – we can scale our existing solution up, or build something brand new.

Our business is built on being experts in specific Microsoft technologies and getting the most out of them, which we will always continue to do – although now we are able to compliment those core technologies with virtually anything required to deliver and additional value and tangible Return On Investment.

If you would like to read more about our app dev solution you can download a copy here, or you can register to join a minerva365 webcast we are holding on 10th March if you wish to discuss further, add me on LinkedIn or comment below.

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