Lync 2013 Control Panel Script Error via Enable Users

We recently received a request from a customer with issues related to a script error displaying every time they tried accessing the ‘Enable Users’ page when using ‘Lync Control Panel’ on the server.

They were displayed with the following:

We had a quick test to see if the user would be able to access the control panel from there machine directly (as opposed to on the server) with the user of ‘https://FESERVERFQDN/cscp‘ and they were able to reach this fine and no script error would be prompted on the control panel. This pointed to a possible issue with Silverlight on the server and gave us the impression it had been struggling to run correctly.

There is a quick and easy fix for this, it seems adding the URL used to access the control panel can be added into the Local Intranet Sites (found Local Intranet > Advanced), this resolves the issue entirely and prevents any further script errors from occurring.


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