Windows 10 in-place upgrade fails with 0x80004005 error

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A Windows 10 in-place upgrade Task Sequence was failing repeatedly for one particular device on a customer’s network.  First, the environment:

  • System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 SP1 CU1
  • MDT 2013 Update 1
  • ADK 10

The task sequence error always occurred during the download of the Windows 10 .wim file, and never at exactly the same point.  Digging into the task sequence log SMSTS.LOG revealed this:


There appeared to be problems obtaining the package content with 80072ee2 errors.  Error 0x80072EE2 is ERROR_INTERNET_TIMEOUT.  As the task sequence was being run over a Wi-Fi connection, it was attempted again using a wired network connection unfortunately with much the same results.  This would explain the later 80070002 errors which caused by the task sequence failing to resolve source.

As mentioned earlier, this particular error was only affecting one device; a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  Interestingly, this one was the highest specification Surface Pro 3 in the company with an Intel i7 CPU and 512GB SSD.  All other Surface Pro 3s had upgraded successfully and were lower (and slower) specification Intel i5 CPU and smaller SSD drives.

The issue was eventually resolved by adding the following two task sequence variables to the Windows 10 in-place upgrade task sequence:

Name: Set SMSTSDownloadRetryCount
Task Sequence Variable: SMSTSDownloadRetryCount
Value: 5

Name: Set SMSTSDownloadRetryDelay
Task Sequence Variable: SMSTSDownloadRetryDelay
Value: 15

The .wim downloaded successfully and the upgrade completed without further problems.

Hope this helps.


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