Top 5 Reasons to use DirectAccess



  • The Security-  

Since communications between the server and the DirectAccess client is moving over a public internet, it is important that the communication is secure. DirectAccess uses IPsec to do this in order to stop tampering and ensure sound security


  • You don’t have to do anything-  

DirectAccess is designed to work in the background and all the user needs to do is turn the computer on


  • Reduces Costs- 

Calling a helpdesk because you lost your password can be a long process but with a DirectAccess device you can have it reset in no time and your phone bill isn’t sky high


  • It’s always on- 

The IT department and management services can have access to the device through the infrastructure tunnel, meaning they can control that computer from the company network


  • Great Manageability-

If the machine is on or off the network, DirectAccess ensures that it is healthy, managed and up to date.


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