SharePoint Online – Remove Site Collection from Recycle Bin

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Chances are you’re looking at this post because you’ve tried to create a Site Collection within your SharePoint Online tenant that is still pending removal from the Site Collection Recycle bin. If you’re reading this for any other reason, continue at your own discretion.

Ever tried executing the New-SPOSite cmdlet (example in reference below) and got the following error?

New-SPOSite : A site already exists at url

One function missing from the UI of the Site Collection Recycle Bin is the ability to permanently delete a Site Collection. That’s not a bad thing, generally you don’t want to do this, but when you do, simply execute the following cmdlet. I absolutely should not have to say this, but do so at your own risk:

Remove-SPODeletedSite -Identity "" -Confirm:$false;

Need help connecting to SharePoint Online with PowerShell? Check out my SharePoint Online Management Shell series.


New-SPOSite –Url “” –Owner “” -StorageQuota "1024" -ResourceQuota "50" –Title “My New Site Collection -TimeZoneId 2;

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