risual Academy Apprenticeship

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risual Academy Apprenticeship


What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is an option for young people (16+) who want to develop their skills and gain extra qualifications in a work environment.


Why should you do an Apprenticeship?

There are many benefits to an apprenticeship. One being that an apprentice will earn while they learn new qualifications in their ideal organisation. You also develop your skills, learn new ones and increase your chances of employability as you have first-hand experience in that role.


Who are risual?

risual are a UK based and globally recognised IT services organisation, which delivers consultancy, solutions and services based solely on the Microsoft platform.


What do we offer apprentices?

risual Academy is based in Stafford College and will provide you with a clear and direct route to employment after education.

risual offers applicants with the chance to work in IT, and offer a wide range of roles, for example if you wat to work in Operations in finance or marketing. The opportunities available to study are:

  • Level 2 (ICT)
  • Level 3 (ICT)
  • High Apprenticeships in ICT/other business functions


If this does interest you then you should visit the risual page on the Stafford College website: http://www.staffordcoll.ac.uk/wordpress-SC/courses-2/risual-academy/


Why not call us on: 01785 223 800 to find out more.


We look forward to meeting you.



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