Hello Windows 10!

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Windows 10 has finally been launched and the wait is over!


So, what is new?

Well, the start menu is back on the new Windows 10, which means you can look for your programs in alphabetical order like you use to in Windows 7. The search box has been moved to the task bar which makes it more accessible when you need to find things quickly.

It now supports IOS and Android apps, so you can download popular applications designed by IOS and Android onto your       Windows devices, like computer or smartphone.

Cortana! You can now use Cortana, your own virtual assistant on Windows 10 across all devices, making searching for documents a little easier.

Windows Hello is a new sign-in system that activates through face recognition, if you have an Intel Real Sense- compatible camera.

It’s out with the old and in with the new! Microsoft Windows 10 has a brand new browser, Edge. It feels faster than other browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. You can also create web notes on websites now, if you need to remember something on that page.

Groove has replaced Xbox music and it can import or play Google play or iTunes music from your libraries.


Why upgrade?

Because its security is the best to date, protecting your devices and files! It also has one operating system, so it doesn’t matter what device you’re on your Windows 10 experience will be excellent.


Reviews – What have people said about Windows 10?

  • It is very similar to Windows 7 in that it is easy to navigate and has familiar aspects like the start menu
  • The start menu is excellent and accessible
  • Cortana and Edge are great new features and are very quick and reliable
  • Upgrading is easy and free for current Windows users
  • The appearance of Windows 10 is credited and described overall as the best Windows experience to date.

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