Office 365 ExpressRoute is coming, according to the Office 365 public roadmap, in the third quarter of 2015.

For people that may already be consuming Azure cloud services, may already be aware of ExpressRoute. For those who don’t, ExpressRoute offers a private connection directly into Azure which means that you are not using the traditional site to site VPN. This can mean a faster connection, lower latency and higher security than the site to site VPN.

ExpressRoute is a paid for service where there are no up front cost, no termination fees and you only pay for what you use. This is done through a ExpressRoute network service provider and the cost depends on the speed of the connection, for more details see here:

As it stands at the time of writing this, ExpressRoute is only available for Azure and not for Office 365 but this is about to change. This will soon become an option for Office 365 customers where they too can have a dedicated link directly into Office 365 meaning that all of the traffic that may be currently flowing over the Internet link cab be pushed over a dedicated link to Office 365.

Security driven customers may see this as a more secure connection rather than the current connections over the public Internet, even though the communication from the client to Office 365 uses strong encryption methods.

Keep an eye out for the Office 365 ExpressRoute as it may be the removal of that final blocker of getting to the cloud by providing that fast, reliable and secure connection to the Microsoft cloud.