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Often the public sector have a duty to justify a large investment and it can take time to get the most value from a technology investment as it must be configured to benefit the specific needs of a public sector organisation.

A major technology that some local regional government are not getting the most out of is the power of Dynamics CRM. Possibly due to the assumption that “Customer Relationship Management” is not something a council should prioritise, when in fact managing relationships and information about its citizens? is a key function for any department..

With Dynamics CRM, councils can create citizen portals which can be customised to their specific needs enabling them to cut costs by automating many administration processes. This means a council can build a 360-degree view of an individual’s needs and situation, without wasting time asking them the same questions every time they make contact. A new resident can fill out all the information in one sitting and all council departments will then be able to access that same information from simple things like who they are to if they require any benefits or if they require a parking permit. As Dynamics CRM can take care of the admin, it ensures a quick and efficient service for the customer providing a much improved experience

With cloud technology and Dynamics CRM, a council can be much more productive and agile with data. Analytics information that can be accessed and updated by anyone in the field, so those who need information can get it in real time, wherever they are. Imagine being able to record the birth of a resident’s new child, and it is instantly applied to all departments and workflows are set up for those that need to follow it up. This means a council can be solving problems for residents before they happen, giving a great experience to those that use the council services, all while saving on operational costs.

Below is a video created by Microsoft showcasing what technology can do for a council. risual works with a number of regional governments nationwide and if you are interested in finding out how we can help you get the most from technology, please fill in the form below or contact your account manager


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