As part of the ongoing improvements that are continuously happening on Office 365 I thought it may be a good time to talk about some of my own favourite features that are either available right now or will be coming soon that you may consider activating if you are an already an Office 365 customer:

Office 365 Mobile Device Management

Offering administrators the ability to remote wipe only corporate data and giving a great MDM solution out of the box. Good overview here

Azure Rights Management Document Tracking

As I write this it is only available in the US in a preview but when it does drop will be a major reason to deploy RMS that some E3 customers may already been sitting on for a while but not deployed. The document tracking can tell you where in the world your document has gone and who has tried to open it. Dashboards can make it easy to get an overview of what happened to that doc you shared via ARMS:

Exchange Online Protection time-of-click protection against malicious URLs

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) has been around for a while now but this is a great feature. Imagine if you will that you have been sent an email with URLs where it seemed legit but hidden behind it was something nasty ready to infect the machine. The Safe Links feature protects your users if they click the infected or malicious link and will remain for every time they click the link. Malicious links are dynamically blocked while good links can be accessed.

Compliancy Centre will be able to scan Facebook and Twitter

In a feature that is coming soon an EDiscovery search in Office 365 will also be pulling in information from social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. The search term that you put in may have also gotten onto these social sites so we will be able to see if the information has reached the social networks across the world allowing the organisation to react or build a case.

OneDrive for Business Sync Data Loss Prevention Polices

This feature has been asked for by a couple of customers that I have spoken to in the past around OneDrive. “I don’t want users to be able to sync the content on home machines”, simple enough request that now can be met with a PowerShell command that can be run on Office 365 that only allows the domain joined PCs to sync files for example. More details can be found here

Hoping to make this a pretty regular blog update as there is always new features being enabled in Office 365.