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Public Sector organisations are now looking to reduce costs by giving people the chance to work remotely, some may question is this a safe decision due to recent high profile hacking scandals and the importance of keeping personal data safe.


If the risks could be removed, the benefits of remote working to a public sector organisation can include dramatically increased flexibility, convenience, agility, increased productivity, collaboration, a much improved employee satisfaction level and lower costs. (see here for more info)


There is always a demand from the public for organisations to keep up with technology and adapt to demands, but legislation often means that this is impossible. You can read more about which security certification and what it means for your organisation here.


One solution is Microsoft DirectAccess, which is CPA certified by CESG to deliver a compliant and secure remote access platform for the public sector. The solution is based on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 R2 and it requires a compatible version of Windows 7 or Windows 8. If these elements are already in place then the solution requires no additional licensing.


DirectAccess works essentially like an automatic, userless VPN, meaning employees can access documents from anywhere securely, and it not impact their workflow or require them to do any complex settings changes. Combined with Threat Management Gateway and the ability to manage external devices, it’s about as close as you can get to having your remote workers in the office.


If you are currently running Windows 7 or above, then you already are half way to getting your organisation into the 21st century, feel free to comment below or fill in the form and see if risual can help get you the rest of the way.

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