How can technology impact productivity in Manufacturing?

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As retailers and distributors see changes to consumer expectations, the way manufacturers work is being influenced more and more by the end user and intense competition. This means a greater demand for flexibility and productivity from the workforce.

Advances in cloud computing and technology enhanced productivity can be the deciding factor in bidding for, and winning a contract. Companies who embrace a business productivity solution can see 18% higher productivity from engaged employees and up to a 25% boost in productivity through social networking. (Figures from Gallup & McKinsey)

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Customer facing employees can work and report from anywhere

A manufacturer that is cloud based can also be far more flexible for its customers, a supply chain partner can easily share an idea with R&D through Yammer, or oversee and report back on production through Skype for Business.

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A customer being given a tour of site and shown reports through Office 365.

Customer-facing cloud based employees can build relationships over Skype and social platforms more effectively, and collaborate with customers through Office 365. This flexible working platform leads to much happier employees, reducing turnover by up to 51% and can all be managed through a company project management portal on SharePoint. (Figure from Gallup).

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