DPM 2012 R2 replica inconsistent (data source owned by a different DPM server)

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Came across this today with one of our databases on an instance. The rest of the instance was being backed up ok apart from this one. The error was quite strange:



There was an option to reclaim the database ownership but that seemed to do nothing.

After some looking around I found http://blog.metasplo.it/2013/04/dpm-2012-sp1-replica-inconsistent.html which hit the nail on the head and resolved the issue for me. In brief:

  • On affected server navigate to “<installdrive>:program filesMicrosoft Data Protection Managedpmactiveowner”
  • Rename any 0Kb files (generally the ones that have the above error) to .old extension
  • From an admin command prompt navigate to “<installdrive>:program filesMicrosoft Data Protection Managedpmbin” and run:


After re-running the sync everything was working again.

Hope it helps.

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