How to check a user’s Blocked Senders in Exchange 2010/2013

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We had a query recently asking if there was any way in Exchange, that you can see a user’s blocked senders list and even add/remove users from there Blocked Senders.

In Exchange via the EMA there’s a quick way to do this J

From the EMS run the below commands:

To Find out a user’s blocked senders

Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity “ChangeName” | FL BlockedSendersandDomains

This will return the below

To Add a user to blocked senders

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity “ChangeName” –BlockedSendersandDomains @{Add=””}

If you run the Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity “ChangeName” | FL BlockedSendersandDomains , you will see the address has been added.

To Remove a user from blocked senders

Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration -Identity “ChangeName” –BlockedSendersandDomains @{Remove=””}

Those are the commands to add, remove and check blocked senders!







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