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Stumbled across a really cool Windows Mobile app today, which gives you the ability to join conference calls without having to dial the conference number or input the PIN J

The app works out all the required information from the Meeting request and the cool thing is you can join the Meeting by simply saying to Cortana “Join my Conference”

Here’s a brief description of the app taken from the Microsoft Garage website http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/garage/#app-join-conference

” Join Conference makes it super easy to connect to conference calls. No more switching to the calendar app, remembering the ID/PIN codes, getting the right access number, and entering all the codes manually. Instead just hit one button or, even easier, join by voice command. It’s very handy for anyone that makes frequent conference calls.

Join via voice by speaking to Cortana “JOIN MY CONFERENCE”. We’ll automatically figure out which meeting is about to start and what conference system it uses, then connect you in the right way. Join Conference should work with all conference systems, whatever your company might use. For most systems, it dials the appropriate phone number, ID, and PIN touch tones. For Lync and GoToMeeting conferences it launches the associated app to join.”

Screenshot of the App below

You can get the app from the following location https://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/join-conference/0264f9a0-689a-40d9-86ad-b20b70ebaad8 or simply download from the Store!

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