We will be hosting a SharePoint vs. Yammer webcast on Friday the 21st November from 10 – 11am.

In this webcast we will fill in the gaps on how to make the most of Microsoft’s social collaboration features both in Yammer and SharePoint.

We will provide context in respect to SharePoint’s history and Microsoft’s future vision, and discuss some key areas of functionality commonly deployed by our customers. We will also cover some of the non-technical aspects considered key to any SharePoint deployment, such as governance and adoption.

To register for the webcast please visit: http://storage.coremotivesmarketing.com/library/be99b035-573b-4363-8508-a5ab2798042b/685/landingpages/7db5090d-9939-e411-a648-00155d700f3d.html?Timestamp=1416402867092

To request a recording of the webcast please email marketing@risual.com