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Hi All,

Been at TechEd Europe this week and thought that I would just share with you some of my favourite new features that were shown to us today:

  • You can logon with a Azure AD account and select whether this is a personal or workplace device at setup
  • Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V now work in the CMD command prompt
  • Intune provisioning based on InTune polices for the organisation
  • Three finger swipe down will minimise all open windows
  • We now have virtual desktops
  • Modern apps are still sandboxed but are integrated in with the desktop rather than having to go to a different UI
  • Corporate data is encrypted at rest
  • Isolation of apps so that corporate data cannot be copied from a trusted app to one that is not
  • Start menu back which includes live tiles
  • Snap-to now works with multiple monitors
  • Switching between desktop and tablet mode for the hybrid models

Stay tuned on the blogs for more updates from TechEd Europe 2014!



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