I came across this recently when creating a Persistent Chat room in Lync. I wanted to create a new Category, specifying particular managers and members. I did so calling the Category: “Test Persistent Chat. I assigned the creator and member to the category and committed the changes.

I then attempted to create my chat room named ‘Test Persistent Chat’. Upon setting my variables and hitting ‘Create’ i got the following –


After some digging i found that this was because the chat room name and the Category name were not unique. Changing the chat room name to ‘Test Chat” i then got the following –


It does stipulate that chat room and category names need to be unique now in the Lync 2013 Persistent Chat TechNet (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg398988.aspx), but i thought i would pop this up as the error you receive should you forget isn’t very helpful!

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