Hello All,

Following on from my post about consultative call transfers in Lync 2013 (here) a question has arisen about non-consultative call transfers. (also known as blind transfer). This is used when you just want to transfer a call to another phone or person without needing to speak to that person beforehand.

One reason for doing this might be that you are on a conference call at 5pm and you really need to get on your way home for the evening. You want to transfer the conference call to your mobile phone seamlessly (and preferably without anyone knowing because they shouldn’t really care if you are at your desk or hot-footing it down the street to catch your train!).

This is a really easy process.

From the call window, hover your mouse over the phone icon and then select “Transfer Call” (circled in red below).


Next, select where you want to transfer the call. If your friendly Active Directory administrator has populated your mobile number here, you should be able to just select it. Alternatively, you can type another number or select someone else to transfer the call to. Once you answer the call on your mobile or the person you transferred the call to answers, the call is transferred to them.

Time to catch that train….