Filtering Spam Mail Using Forefront protection for Exchange

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Recently we had a customer ask us to block all emails coming from a certain spam email address and block all the emails from that domain. So underneath I will show how to filter blocked recipients using Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server Administrator Console.


  • Firstly remote on to the edge server. Then open


  • Then navigate to policy management


  • Then on the tree pane expand the anti-spam option and then click on configure.



  • Then click on the “Configure Blocked Recipient List” action on the right hand pane and the following List should prompt.




  • If you are blocking a certain email address just click in one of blocks in the list and type the address which needs to be blocked for example “” and click apply at the top of the wizard.

  • If you wanted to block anyone from the domain sending emails then click on one of the blocks in the list and type “*” and then

    click Apply at the top of the wizard.

  • Then when you leave the list make sure you press the save button!


    Hope this helps.

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