Deploying Lync 2013 Conversation Translator via SCCM 2012

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We wanted to get Lync Translator out to our user base however it requires some extra registry entries to work for Lync 2013 in addition to the original install so we decided to implement this via SCCM, here’s how we did it.

Firstly download Lync Translator The additional registry entries you will need are below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“Name”=”Lync Conversation Translator”









[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficeLyncSecurityTrusted Sites]





First things first save the above as a .reg file we created a script to get the registry entries in:

@echo off

reg import LyncTranslator.reg

exit /b %errorlevel%

Save the above as install.cmd – the above import method ensure the entries go in as the current user not as an admin and also the error code enables us to utilise SCCMs install function to check it went in ok.

Next create an application for the registry keys. Deploy the application as a Script use most of the default options however for the detection method specify the below:

Ensure the Installation behaviour is Install for user and the Installation program visibility is Hidden. Also ensure the below Return Codes exist:

You can deploy and test this separately if you wish.

That’s the hard bit over! Next do a new application for the translator itself – because its an MSI accept the default values – I also add the following switches for completeness /passive /norestart. In addition add a Dependency for the registry entries:

Give it a test:

Hope it helps!

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