Error connecting to cluster in Failover Cluster Manager “Invalid Namespace”

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We had an issue recently when trying to connect to a Windows 2012 R2 cluster, whenever we tried to connect to the cluster we got an “Invalid Namespace” error.

First thing we did was to check WMI as that’s what the “Invalid Namespace” error points at. So we logged onto the Hosts in the cluster and ran a Wbemtest (Referenced from

WBEMTest Steps


  • Launch CMD
  • Type “WBEMTest”
  • The Windows Management Instrumentation Tester will launch
  • Select Connect
  • Namespace: RootMSCluster
  • Select Connect


As soon as we hit Connect we got the following error code “Invalid namespace Error: 0x8004100e“, so we knew our error was WMI related.


Now onto the fix to resolve this we had to add the Cluster WMI back onto all nodes in the cluster.




  • Open Command Prompt
  • Run “regsvr32 -s C:WindowsSystem32wbemClusWMI.dll
  • Run “Mofcomp C:WindowsSystem32wbemclusWMI.mof


After doing this we could connect to our cluster in Failover Cluster Manager and all was good J


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